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Volunteer With SMPS

There’s an old Chinese Proverbs that states, “Many Hands Make Light Work.” In other words, no professional organization as successful as ours can possibly flourish without the efforts of many volunteers. An increase in member participation brings new ideas, issues, and thoughts to our various committees, which leads to better programming and improves service to our membership. Our exciting activities are fun and challenging, however they also require time and energy to accomplish. This is why we need you!

On our site, you’ll find each committee and a description of responsibilities. Which committee might you be interested in volunteering with? Contact that committee’s director and let them know you’d like to stop by a committee meeting to check it out. Now’s the time to get involved and help our Chapter! Contact our Chapter President for more information or to volunteer in some capacity. Together, we can make the Columbus Chapter as one of the best in the nation!

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