Crossroads Mentorship Program


The Crossroads Mentorship Program echoes the mission of SMPS: to advocate, educate and connect. The namesake, "Crossroads," expresses the idea of bringing people together to share experiences and knowledge for personal growth and professional development. The program allows our participants access to structured programming, tools and resources, and networking events to keep the discussion going. All who participate are entering into a long-standing tradition of the Columbus chapter with many alumni still in the A/E/C industry and long-term SMPS members.

Are you new to the industry? Did you take on a new role within your organization? Would you like to receive guidance and advice from senior level Marketing and Business Development staff? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Crossroads Mentorship Program is for you!


The Mentorship Program

This year the committee will provide the option of one-on-one mentor protégé pairings that have been the framework of the program and provide educational roundtable settings for the pair or other interested members to participate. The hour-long roundtable sessions will provide a discussion of various topics suggested by members. Mentor protégé pairs can choose to attend and/or use these topics as a framework to guide their discussions and learn from others in the industry. This will provide some structure and conversation to the pairs but allow them the individual relationship and foster more in-depth or personal discussions. Mentors can learn from the sessions along with their protégé or provide more follow-up to a topic. The pairs are also welcome to meet independently and not attend the sessions as their schedule or needs fit.

The topics for discussion this year include, but are not limited to:

  • Networking

  • Marketing Research

  • Social Responsibility

  • Personal Growth / Career Development


The Crossroads program remains a member-only benefit, and the number of protégés accepted is limited to allow for pairings and small group discussions.

Participants must apply. Applications for protégés will be accepted until October 1st.

Apply As A Protégé

Apply As A Mentor

The Crossroads Mentorship Program will begin in October! 


2019-2020 Crossroads Mentorship Schedule

  • October 29 | Kick-off Coffee, Meet Your Mentor/Protege
  • December 17 | Proposal Mentorship
  • January 28 | Social Responsibility
  • March 31 | Networking / Communication
  • May 26 | Personal Growth / Career Development
  • July 14 | Wrap-up Networking Event / Lessons Learned


If you are interested in participating in this year’s sessions, please reach out to our Mentorship Committee at: [email protected]

Go to the Event Calendar to see our 2019-2020 Crossroads Mentorship Events!