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Holiday Charity Event

December 15, 2010
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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R. W. Setterlin Building Company
560 Harmon Ave.
Columbus, OH 43223

Holiday Charity Event

Please consider donating a toy at the event. The items listed below have been identified by therapists at the Child Development and Autism Center to build skills as well as keep children engaged and relieve anxiety.  Our goal is to provide four rooms with a fairly similar set of toys.  If you cannot make it to the event but would like to donate please contact Dawn Wiford with Fanning Howey at 419-586-7771 or dwiford@fhai.com. We have registered at Target to make donating simple! Just go on our registry and the toy will be shipped directly to the event where we will be collecting all donations to deliver to the center.

  • Cause and effect toys for toddlers/preschoolers (i.e. pop up boxes, shape sorters, etc.)
  • Vehicles (match box cars, vehicles for younger kids)
  • Car garage/ramp type structures
  • Barn/school house/doll house (gender neutral preferred)/school bus with plastic figures
  • Books (for both older and younger kids - I Spy is a very popular series)
  • Puzzles (for both older and younger kids)
  • Tube shape finder (Shape sorter)
  • Legos (big and little) 
  • Coloring books, crayons
  • Construction toys (tools, vehicles)
  • Magna doodles, Etch a Sketch
  • Small plastic animals, dinosaurs
  • Koushy toys (balls, squishy ones that light up)
  • Play telephones
  • Simple play food sets
  • Please do NOT wrap toys, thank you

Need help finding these items? Shop our Target registry here!



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