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Sep 8

Adobe Photoshop Workshop

In this fun and informative workshop, you will gain tips and techniques for dealing with some of the most common Photoshop questions. Learn the program features that are relevant to your work.

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Mentorship Program



The Crossroads Mentorship Program echoes the mission of SMPS: to advocate, educate and connect and the namesake, "Crossroads," expresses the idea of bringing two people together to share experiences and knowledge for personal growth and professional transformation. The program utilizes a formula that allows our participants to not only have a voice in their match, but also access to structured programming, tools and resources to get moving in the right direction, and networking events to keep you talking.

Check out this interview with 2 participants from the 2014 year about what the mentorship program means to them.

The 2015-16 session of Crossroads has begun!

 Season 6 of the Crossroads Mentorship Program is underway! If you are interested in participating in future sessions of the Crossroads Program please contact a mentorship committee volunteer listed below:

Application to be a Mentor     Application to be a Protege



  • August-September 2015: The application period.  All applications are due by September 30, 2015 end of day

  • October 2015: Mentors and Protégés participate in speed-networking session to determine compatibility
    Check out photos from the speed-dating events on our Facebook page 
  • October 2015: Mentoring Matching Committee meets to evaluate applications and pair mentors and protégés. Mentors and Protégés notified of the Committee’s decision on pairings

  • November 2015: Program Kick-off Meeting and Orientation Session
. Check out photos from past kick-off events on our Facebook page.
  • November 2015 - July 2016: Mentor-Protégé pairs to meet.  Members of the Mentoring Committee will follow up on a regular basis to see how pairs are progressing

  • July 2016: Wrap-Up party and debriefing session


Contact a member of the Crossroads Committee:  
Joel Kohler | Suzanne Cody | Julie Fountain Lisa ConnellyLori Dahm




During the 2013-14 program year we spotlighted several of the mentor/protege paris.
Two of the lucky pairs were featured in our chapter newsletter too!

Pair Spotlight Feature

Ted Orr
Marketing Manager

 Kelly Zemcik
Miles-McClellan Construction
Marketing Coordinator



Q: What is at least one of your personal goals as a mentor or protégé for this mentorship relationship?

TO: I truly love to teach. Always have. So selfishly I am excited to share knowledge gained, with someone so eager to accept it. Plus I know that Kelly will push me to recognize where my own marketing strategies are falling short.

KZ: My main goal is to come up with a realistic marketing strategy. Something that makes sense for our firm and is easy enough to implement so when sales heat up it won’t get lost in whirlwind of work necessary to win a new project. 


Q: Do you like to meet at a different location each time or do you have a favorite place you meet? Why? What time of day do you find works best to meet?

TO: Kelly and I plan to meet once a month at a minimum. Our goal is to make our meetings actual working sessions. We have already recognized a few items that Kelly and I would like to implement at our firms. We plan to brainstorm together and then execute the goals together leaning on each other for outside input. We both seem to learn best kinesthetically and these working sessions should help facilitate that.

KZ: Ted and I meet in the morning (7:30-8:30) once a month. Venue has been left TBD because we both agree that our meetings will be working sessions. A coffee shop may be appropriate one day and meeting at one of our offices the next.


Q: What have you learned so far from mentor or protégé?

TO: I have learned that although Kelly is amazingly bright with an exceptionally terrific spirit, she has an underlying touch of self-doubt. (Hopefully my overconfidence can rub off on her!)

KZ: I have learned some public speaking tips. Number 1 being don’t scan the room, focus on person at a time to better deliver my message. Ted and Schaefer were gracious enough to invite me to a private session with Mrs. Susan Murphy. Public speaking is my nemesis and Ted, knowing that’s a personal development goal of mine, extended an invitation.

And a level 3 – Ted originally left college to be apart of his family’s business :)





When preparing to meet with your mentor or protégé, many have found it helpful to come with questions or notes on what you would like to accomplish or discuss over the course of the year. Depending on preferences, each pair might like to draw on a variety of resource options. As a committee, we would like to provide you with a few we have found successful!

  • Resources from SMPS National: Blueprints (Helps to Chart your Career Path) 
  • Past "Tip of the Month" provided by committee member Ray Stokes:     


Ray Stokes

Burgess & Niple
2012 SMPS Columbus
Crossroads Mentorship
Program Commitee Member




Ray's Mentorship Tips:

Good Mentor :) / Bad Mentor :(

Life can give you good mentors and bad mentors, stick with the good mentors such as the ones who provide you with the following, which goes both ways, mentors and protégé’s: 

  1. Kindness/trust
  2. Highlight strengths
  3. Prepare the speaker
  4. Encouragement
  5. Truly interested in you

To learn more about each of these items click here to view the full YouTube video 


Ray's Tip of the Month:

Please feel free to contact anyone on the committee if you have any concerns or suggestions.
We would love to hear from you!